( Paula wakes, shaking, to the press of lips against her shoulder. She's been crying in her sleep again, chasing memories of Marcus. Dante is holding her. She can hear the patient rhythm of his breaths; her own gasping sobs slow to match him.
"Forever, forever, forever." He makes it a mantra, kissing the promise into her skin.
She has never really loved him... ) Cover Art for the story ( THE SOUL MATE REQUIREMENT ) written by By Kelly Sandoval
, check it out! http://www.kasmamagazine.com/soul-mate-requirement.html


" A vibrant squeal sounded from the bedroom and filled the tiny apartment with life, with hope. Ryin came through the doorway carrying Kitrel on his shoulders and the boy slapped the archway above with his palms as he loved to do. Shyla set three bowls on the wooden packing box and carefully poured water into three plastic cups. She scanned the newsfax slip and brushed it aside onto the floor--prices had skyrocketed again, the aging grey population clamoring for scant resources. She set Ryin's blood-donor supplement beside his bowl and pulled their one easy chair closer to the table for him. The vitamin supplement was provided free to all donors who kept full schedule. Shyla, slightly anemic, could sell blood only once a month and so was not eligible. She pulled her bare wooden chair over from the kitchen nook and sat down. She stared at the big purple capsule and wondered how her husband ever managed to get it down...." Cover Art for the story ( PERFECT MATCH )
written by Steve Stanton, check it out on #Kasmamagazinehttp://www.kasmamagazine.com/perfect-match.html


" They say it has no eyes, but still I feel observed. My skin prickles. My heart flutters against pitted ribs. I am moved to tears. If things go poorly (I am, after all, the first for this procedure) I will die having beheld this alien creature, this marvel.
The attendants lay me on a long, pale table and strip my robe. They leave the room and seem to take all the oxygen with them. I can hardly breathe-- is this the end?-- as this marvel approaches. How? How does it move? How does it--
Then it's upon me. " this month one of my favorite writers is back on Kasmamagazine, Alexis A. Hunter " MY PERIPHERAL GHOST " is just an awesome read! check it out! http://www.kasmamagazine.com/my-peripheral-ghost.html



" Jenny was leaning towards him, her face in soft focus appearing through the folds of smoke shrouding the world around them, leaves and breeze playing with the light.
Erik hesitated, burning inside, wishing himself already home. Home rather than sitting here with Jenny between the overgrown siding and abandoned warehouse. Home rather than here in what should have been the perfect wayward walk home from school, sidetracked onto a blanket of leaves, sun quilted through undressed branches, petrichor moments woven into carefree autumn.
The stuff of adolescent dreams and memories. "

My Cover Art for this months story on Kasmamagazine (FORESHADOW PLAY) written by Kevlin Henney , read it at:http://www.kasmamagazine.com/foreshadow.html


the janus anomaly

".... We arrived at the rogue planet at 0645 and began a survey. It was a large super-Jupiter with three Earth-sized moons, two of which had significant cryo-volcanic activity. On the third and most distant moon, we discovered the wreck of an alien starship, probably of Hyadian origin. It was from this wreckage that the radio signal was emitting. ... " My cover for this month's story on Kasmamagazine " THE JANUS ANOMALY" written by Joe Vasicek! awesome read! check it out:http://www.kasmamagazine.com/janus.html


Blood Drive

" Hikari opens the truck's back door. Refreshingly cold air rushes past, raising hairs on the back of her neck. The refrigerated cargo has been kept more comfortable than her since the cabin AC broke. This makes Hikari laugh, but then she remembers the cargo is more valuable than her life. After all, there's a shortage of blood, not a shortage of Hikaris... " My illustrations for this months story. Awesome read , ( BLOOD DRIVE ) written 



( Dargon-- the concert promoter-- was absolutely livid. He was so livid that the three hairs on top of his head kept turning rapidly from crimson to black and then back again to crimson. The very idea that this earther-- some ugly no-talent musician-- could have the absolute temerity to deviate from a schedule that had been worked out so meticulously down to the tuning of each kintar string, ... It was beyond Dargon's comprehension. It was the absolute height of bad manners. It was ... criminal... ) My illustration for this months story, a humorous piece written by Michael Walker, check it out http://www.kasmamagazine.com/please-be-on-time.html


The Garuda Bird

"What in Ram's name are you doing here?"
"I came like in the story."
She eyed his bird-shaped contraption and then examined the rider again. "I don't know this story." It was not one of Daddy's films from his Bollywood days.
"You know, 'The Garuda Bird.' Your mother told it to you, or you read it in school.".... my illustration for this months story on kasmamagazine ,( THE GARUDA BIRD ) written by one of my favorite writers around Tom Doyle check it out! http://www.kasmamagazine.com/the-garuda-bird.html



Precious..." The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why..."
( Mark Twain )